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Welcome to the home page for the Independent Knitwear Designers Web Ring. Our goal is to promote Independent Knitting Designers by increasing our visibility and accessability to handknitters.

If you would like to link your website to this ring, please read through all information prior to signing up using the link below.

This web ring exists to promote Independent Knitting Designers, to connect handknitters with quality knitting patterns and designers. If the website you are submitting is personal (such as a blog) your site should have content that strongly points to your knitting patterns and work and experiences as a designer. Since the purpose is to promote patterns of Independent Designers, the focus needs to be on just that. If you wish to have your personal blog on the ring, you may - provided your blog's content is mostly about your experiences as a designer and has links to your patterns and or how knitters can purchase them.

Again, as the purpose is to promote the patterns of Independent Knitwear Designers, to not have your work featured in a way easy for your potential client to find is self defeating for the purposes of this ring.

Membership in organizations such as TNNA, AKD (Association of Knitwear Designers) is not mandatory, nor is membership of knitting lists for Knitting Designers. These types of resources are beneficial should you desire them and there are those on the ring who are members should you be interested and not know who to approach.

Independent Knitwear Designers
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